Time For English Junior A

Time For English Junior A

Time For English Junior B

Time For English Junior B

Two Videos

Time for English is an innovative series that introduces children to the English language and helps develop their skills through lively characters and fun activities.

Each book in the Time for English series contains:

  • Time to Read
  • A storyline, based around young, likeable characters in everyday situations.

  • Time to Write
  • Simple exercises to build pupils' confidence and ability in reading and writing English.

  • Time to Listen
  • A variety of listening tasks to aid pupils' understanding of spoken English.

  • Time to Play
  • Fun games to encourage pupils to use the language in a constructive way.

  • Time to Sing
  • A number of lively songs that utilise, and therefore practise, the vocabulary that pupils have learnt.

  • Time to Watch
  • Two interactive DVDs, filmed in Britain, featuring everyday English in real-life situations.

TIME FOR ENGLISH Junior A and Junior B

are accompanied by 2 DVDs / VIDEOS filmed in Britain.