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GRIVAS English-Greek Dictionary Shorter Edition

GRIVAS English-Greek Dictionary Shorter Edition
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The shorter Grivas English-Greek Dictionary is a 1,300-page pioneering reference source, indispensable to all those who wish to use the English language correctly.

Special Features:

- It is practical and easy to use, with thousands of examples and

  • 50,000 main entry words and derivatives.
  • 6,000 idioms.
  • 3,000 phrasal verbs.

- It deals with the correct usage of entry words, concerning

  • grammar and syntax.
  • common mistakes.
  • alternative expressions.

- It includes various words and expressions appropriate for everyday situations.

- It includes a multitude of

  • proverbs.
  • similes.
  • sayings.

It contains a plethora of specific terminology used in areas such as

  • commerce.
  • medicine.
  • the sciences.
  • economics.