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Speaking & Listening for the Cambridge English Proficiency

Speaking & Listening for the Cambridge English Proficiency

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SPEAKING & LISTENING has been designed to cater for the entire needs of Cambridge English Proficiency candidates. The overall aim of the book is to develop candidates' speaking and listening skills and reinforce accumulated knowledge, enabling them to approach the revised Cambridge English Proficiency examination with confidence.This teacher / student-friendly book covers a wide range of topics which are explored in detail, from a variety of interesting and thought-provoking angles, preparing candidates for any possible examination approach to a theme.


The speaking section will enhance candidates' ability to produce spoken English using a range of functions, as well as help them to speak and interact in a wide range of situations. Candidates are encouraged to express their reactions to visual and written prompts and will gain experience in communicating their ideas clearly in addition to supporting them with reasons and justification.

Key features are:

  • thought-provoking approach to topics
  • variety of tasks, ensuring all-round preparation
  • extensive practice in Cambridge English Proficiency format
  • language boxes giving appropriate phraseology.


The listening section will increase candidates' ability to understand the meaning of spoken English, to extract information from texts and to understand speakers' attitudes and opinions.

Key features are:

  • pre-listening tasks for Parts 2, 3 and 4
  • full coverage of all Cambridge English Proficiency text types
  • wide range of topics
  • extensive practice in Cambridge English Proficiency format
  • variety of accents

SPEAKING & LISTENING will not only familiarise candidates with the revised format of the Cambridge English Proficiency but will also provide ample preparation leading up to the examination.