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Learning Living English 2

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Learning Living English 4

LEARNING LIVING ENGLISH is a four-book course which is ideal for young learners. Based on practical communicative methodology, while also incorporating systematic presentation of grammar, vocabulary and functional language, it offers a stimulating yet straightforward approach to learning English.

LEARNING LIVING ENGLISH will take students smoothly from beginner to intermediate level, equipping them with both the theoretical knowledge needed to progress to more advanced levels and the practical ability required for effective everyday communication in English.

The course includes:

  • Real-life situations and dialogues.
  • Functional language practice which encourages the development of fluency and accuracy.
  • A structured syllabus with clear grammar reference.
  • A wide variety of interesting activities designed to make the learning process more enjoyable.
  • Opportunities for cross-cultural comparisons.
  • Continual consolidation of material, focusing on grammar, vocabulary and functional language.