Exploring English 1

Exploring English 2

Exploring English 3

Exploring English 4

Exploring English is a well-structured four-level course written for students in classes A, B, C and D. It is both interesting and stimulating, and motivates students to participate fully in the learning process.

Exploring English 1, 2 & 3 provide study material for two lessons a week over a period of twenty-six weeks.

Its key features are:

  • Storyline:
    an exciting and realistic sequence of events based on the lives of a group of young people, some living in and some visiting England. This story reflects students' own lives and interests, and serves to raise awareness of multi-cultural issues.
  • Reading texts:
    a variety of carefully selected texts which enable students to explore an interesting range of issues and ideas.
  • Grammar:
    Coverage of grammatical phenomena and functions is straightforward but thorough. Grammar is practised in context through interesting and appropriate activities.
  • Vocabulary building:
    extensive vocabulary development and word-building, practised through a variety of stimulating tasks.
  • Skills work:
    the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking are developed in a simple yet effective way, designed to help students:

    with understanding and confidence,
    WRITE accurately and with cohesion,
    LISTEN to develop aural skills and
    SPEAK  fluently.
  • Communicative activities, songs and puzzles:
    these make the learning process easier and more enjoyable. They also encourage students to want to communicate in English.
  • Regular revision:
    constant recycling and revision ensures thorough practice of material previously taught.

EXPLORING English 4, written for students in class D, is the fourth stage in the stimulating four-level course, EXPLORING English.

EXPLORING English 4 is made up of thematically-based units which provide study material for two lessons a week over a period of twenty-six weeks.